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Bridal Hair styles are tailored to each individual, often there are certain things about a few hairstyles brides like. You may prefer twists to braids or the more sleek structured styles. You don't need to wear your hair in a certain way to "look like a bride" what you do need to do is to feel comfortable. On a date night, how would you feel the most glamorous, with your hair up or down? Does your hair end up being tucked behind your ears? I can create a style that works for you.


 If your hair is not long enough for the required style I am more than happy to colour match you for clip In or tape hair extensions. A colour match is free of charge. If you think you may need these please let me know so if need be we can order them in time for your trial.


Make Up

I will work with you to create the look that you are after, I believe that your groom needs to recognise you as you walk down the aisle. Your Makeup will not feel heavy or cakey but smooth and light. It is important to me that not only does your makeup look good but it needs to feel good too. I specialise in natural, timeless makeup.


I love working with Mii Cosmetics, It is an amazing brand to work with, not only is it cruelty free a lot of the products are also suitable for Vegans. I am confident you will love the Make-Up as much as I do. While i love to wear makeup i hate feeling like i have any on. With Mii cosmetics not only will you look amazing your face will also feel amazing.

You can find further information regarding Mii Cosmetics here - I have a Salon VIP code you are welcome to use for discount. I am always happy to share the products that I have used on you. Its a good idea to purchase the lipstick shade that you will wear on your wedding day.   


Mii Cosmetics Salon VIP Discount code is  CLA136

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